My Story

Dan is a well-known and respected business leader who owns and operates several businesses in the Windsor, Ontario area.

Dan has extensive experience starting and operating businesses and bringing them to fruition quickly and efficiently due to his expertise in marketing strategies, technology, and his hand-picked team of professionals.

Real Estate Experience:

Since 2008, Dan has been the proud owner and manager of one of the most extensive and successful private real estate portfolios in the Windsor, Ontario area. Since it was first established, Dan's personal portfolio has increased to roughly $60 million in holdings, all of which are managed by him along with the assistance of his in-house management staff. Dan had other people asking to invest alongside him for years due to the exponential growth of the company, which is what led to the creation of Coachwood Capital.

As the market locally and across Canada began to skyrocket in value, it became increasingly difficult to find properties of a high quality that generated positive cash flow on a scale and were situated in desirable places. At this point, Dan established Coachwood Capital and began the process of looking for larger multifamily properties in the United States, both for himself and for investors who wanted to invest alongside Dan in these properties as limited partners. Coachwood Capital's primary focus is on the American market.

To date, Coachwood Capital has succeeded in acquiring two properties with a total value that has already surpassed $20 million and continues to rise.

Business experience:

Dan has been the owner and operator of a facility that he built from the ground up and is now worth more than a hundred million dollars since 2008. Moreover, during this time, he has created a number of distinct brands, including Canadian Protein , Vegava, and Synergy Private Label, to name a few. Dan has also worked with world-class retailers such as Costco, Walmart, and Rexall, where he collaborated with them to effectively build a variety of product lines for them as well as wholesale in-house brands.

The Coachwood Golf and Country Club is one of Dan's more recent buys. Dan purchased this golf course in a condition of disrepair with the intention of turning around the firm by using technology and efficiencies that he has learned about through the years of owning and operating various businesses, particularly those in the commercial sector. So far, his fresh strategy for a time-honored business sector has been successful.

Dan also founded LuxxisVIP, Windsor's premier luxury livery service, has successfully obtained licensing requirements and crossborder certification.